DNA Evidence

Each row in this report represents a genetic match that supports either or both of two theories:

1. That the ancestor of our Somerset SAINSBURY family (Richard SAINSBURY who married Mary WILLIS in Portbury, Somerset in 1745) is the same Richard SAINSBURY who was born in Eastcott, Wiltshire and baptised in Urchfont, Wiltshire in 1708.

2. That Richard SAINSBURY’s father, John SAINSBURY the younger of Urchfont (1664-1710), was the biological child of John RUDDLE (1633-?) of Urchfont.

Each match has been ranked on a combination of factors: type of DNA test, type of match, and the quality of documentation that proves descent from ancestors of Richard SAINSBURY of Urchfont (1708-1785) and/or John RUDDLE of Urchfont (1633-?).

In general, Y-DNA results, triangulated matches (i.e., matches who have been shown to share identical segments of DNA), and “in common with” (ICW) matches between Somerset Sainsbury cousins and Urchfont descendants are higher up the list than single, autosomal DNA matches between a Somerset Sainsbury cousin and an Urchfont or a more distant descendant of an ancestral family. (Ancestral, that is, to Richard Sainbury of Urchfont, baptised in that village in 1708.)

However, each match in this report has met a base level of quality and confidence. Matches without this level of quality and confidence will be kept off the list until more information emerges to move them into this report as further evidence. Likewise, matches will be removed when new information prompts a reconsideration.